New - the X2 Lightweight Keder Frame System

Published on Nov 20, 2014
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The Ultimate in Versatility

Binghamton, NYNovember 20, 2014 — Have you been searching for the most cost-effective, lightweight keder frame tent on the market? One that won’t break the bank OR the backs of your crew? Always wanted keder eaves and legs for your Vista? Looking to turn your standard 2” standard frames in keder hybrids?

Look no further….the new X2 from Eureka! has it all.

The Eureka! Frame System set the standard high in terms of quality, innovation and workmanship. And with the introduction of the new X2 lightweight keder frame tents, we’re expanding our product line to meet the needs of so many rental companies. You asked for ease and versatility and we’re giving it to you with this 2-channel, 2” aluminum tubing system. The components of the X2 can be used as a cost-effective, stand-alone system, or you can mix-and-match parts with your current Eureka! Frame System or other West Coast Style frame components for the ultimate in versatility. And, the X2 can pay for itself in as few as 5 rentals, and after that, the profits will begin piling up!

Available in 20’, 30’ and 40’ widths (15’ mid sections), some features to note include: - Lightweight keder frame system – the perfect addition to the Eureka! Frame System series, where versatility and flexibility are key - Weight reduction, quick and easy installation, lower labor and inventory costs – the price/value for the X2 is a game-changer - Maximize inventory flexibility and versatility – enables you to utilize Eureka! Frame System components already in your inventory - 2-Channel / 2” aluminum tubing – utilizing the same design as our popular 2” Keder Side Pole/Leg - New, stretch-formed crown gives the tops smoother and longer transition – you can easily slide the tops in on the ground or in the air - Interchangeable components between different sizes of X2 – fittings, crowns and brackets the same across all sizes, simply add rafter extensions and cables! And, the X2 tubing can be used in any Eureka! Frame System or Vista tents to convert for keder tops and/or sidewalls - Adjustable baseplates allow you to easily raise a leg in 3” increments (up to 18”) - Ultimate in versatility: Use existing Twin Tube Plus tops and walls to flex your inventory

Fast Installation.

Great Price Value.

Optimal Inventory Flexibility.

Options for Event level of event.

The X2 joins our family of other successful frame and clearspan tents, like the Empire, Vista, X4 and E!Span.