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Evolution lets you make your mark, with the hallmark features of Eureka! tension tents: elegant peaks, sweeping lines, roomy interiors and true affordability! The Evolution tent incorporates all of the features you asked for, including tough-yet-lightweight ratchet style side pole fittings which allow greater tension for a truly wrinkle-free finish AND our reinforced corners and lacelines to make installation a breeze and the finished product truly spectacular. Boasting most of the advantages of its larger, engineered "WR/ES" counterparts — the standard Evolution brings you and your customers the tremendous appeal of a Eureka! tension tent in a smaller configuration — all this, and at a great price point!

  • 30'x30' 2-piece ends with 15' mid sections
  • 40'x40' 2-piece ends with 20' mid sections
  • 7' and 8' legs standard

  • 2-piece sectional tops lace together and into mid-sections
  • White Blockout or Translucent
  • Reinforced lace and grommet ends
  • Horizontal colored stripe available - over 20 specialty colors to choose from
  • Reinforced 3" ring fitting at all center pole locations
  • Wire formed and reinforced side pole fittings
  • Sidewall rope permanently installed
  • All Evolution tops come with storage bags



  • Side poles are 7' or 8' standard and are available in one-piece aluminum (2" Schedule 40 or 2.5" Standard)
  • 7' and 8' side pole height is standard, but can accommodate taller legs
  • Easily upgrade to keder side poles for use with keder sidewalls
  • Aluminum center poles are sectional and can easily convert to other sizes with Eureka! 3' and 4' extensions
  • 2" Inline web and ratchet system allows for greater tension during installation

  • Installation routines you know, and the option to use existing side and center poles
  • Eureka! was the first in the tent industry to introduce a tension tent design, and we continue to lead the way in innovation and design

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