E!Span™ X4

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NEW!!! Following on the heels of a successful launch of E!Span, Eureka! wasted no time getting back to the drawing board. Based on critical feedback from rental companies nationwide, the X4 is being introduced to meet a crucial demand for product in the core sizes: 30' and 40'. Lightweight, easy to install and better ROI than competitive products, the X4 combines the best features from our E!Span structure in a package that will "WOW" your customer and your bottom line. Engineered to 50 mph, the 30' and 40' structures have interchangeable parts in each 15' bay. And, like the E!Span, your crew will love the ease of installation with fewer parts, only one pin and measured in feet and inches. The X4 is new, innovative and already a successful event structure!

  • 30'x30' 2-piece ends - 15' mid sections
  • 40'x30' 2-piece ends - 15' mid sections
  • 8' and 10' legs available
  • COMING SOON: 20' widths and 10' mids!!!
The X4 System:

  • Measured in feet and inches, not metric
  • Like E!Span, there are no tools or bucket of bolts to install. Plus, we've reduced the number of different pins needed throughout the entire system to just 1 (with a lynch pin-style fastener). And, for in-the-field ease, the standard pin size can be replaced with nuts & bolts found at any local hardware store (just in case you lose a pin). Why have 8 bins of metric bolts, 8 metric wrenches and 8 diagrams to identify where the bolts go, when you can use X4!
  • Interchangeable components - just add a few rafter splices, cables, gable legs and pins, and you've got another size
  • All legs come with adjustable leg inserts - no more unsightly and cumbersome shims and blocking !
  • "Easy Glide" crown designed to give the tops a gradual and smooth flow throughout the keder channel - significantly reducing the chances of getting the tops "hung up" or stuck at the peak - the process of pulling tops through becomes easier and faster!
  • The improved baseplate system with notches in each baseplate make squaring and aligning your tent a breeze . . . just line up each notch and chalk lines for a perfect fit, every time.
  • 2" x 4" five-channel aluminum box beam
  • Aluminum extruded form T6063 for great strength
  • Copies of the signed and stamped engineered blueprints are available and come with each tent, FREE!
  • 23 degree pitch - the steep pitch means better weather protection and more interior height
  • Patent pending "Wire Management" system hides all of the unsightly wires for lighting, sound and other AV needs
  • Patent pending T-Channel, built right into the beam design, allows for any lighting, sound, liner or décor to be easily installed in a professional and aesthetically pleasing fashion, eliminating the use of unsightly zip ties or tape.
  • Die-cast aluminum removable end cap fits tightly on the end of each rafter for a cleaner exterior finish

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