Elite™ Party Canopy

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With our Elite Party Canopy in your portfolio of tent products, you can offer your customers a convenient, canopy-sized answer — with all of the exquisite styling, beauty and stability of a tension tent! Our line of Elite Party Canopies are one-piece, with high peaks at the center poles for spacious interiors and superior air circulation. And, they are so easy to install! Elite Party Canopies are a great solution for Over-the-Counter (DIY) rentals.

  • 20'x20'
  • 20'x30'
  • 20'x40'
  • 30'x40'
  • 30'x60'

  • One-Piece Tops
  • White Blockout or Translucent
  • Colored stripes and solid color tents - over 20 specialty colors available
  • Sidewall rope permanently installed



  • Side poles are 7' tall, make from 1.75" OD aluminum (sectional)
  • Center poles are aluminum (sectional) - 20' wide canopies take a 14' center pole and 30' wide canopies use an 18' center pole
  • Reinforced corners for heavy duty installation
  • 1" white web and ratchet system available for Elite party canopies
  • Carry bags for tops and for all sectional aluminum side poles

  • Elite party canopies were designed exclusively for Eureka! in 1988

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