Revolution™ Canopy - NEW PRODUCT

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Just when you thought all canopies were the same…we’ve done it again…revolutionizing the tent rental industry with a newly designed canopy that blends beauty and ease of use..  We’ve taken everything you like about the Elite Party Canopy and the Evolution tension tent, put our team of designers on the case, sprinkled in some innovation, and voila – the Revolution Canopy. With 15’ side pole spacing, you use half the side poles, stakes and webs.  The initial cost savings is huge.  Add to that the labor savings during installation and take down. The ROI is unbelievable!

  • 30’x30’
  • 30’x45’
  • 30’x60’
o   TOPS:
§  One-Piece Tops
§  13 oz. White Blockout
§  Wire formed and reinforced side pole fittings
§  Sidewall rope permanently installed
o   POLES:
§  Uses the same standard center and side poles as the Elite
§  7’ side poles use 18’ center poles / 8’ side poles use 19’ center poles
§  Reinforced fittings for heavy duty installation using 2” ratchets
§  15’ side poles spacing for faster installation and open/airy atmosphere
§  Use HALF the number of side poles, stakes and webs
§  Eureka! Exclusive Design in 2017


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