Twin Tube® Plus

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Twin Tube Plus... all of the great features of the Eureka! Twin Tube System PLUS so much more. Engineered with an easy to assemble, stronger, keder-style frame and new top design allow the tent to be installed with fewer people, yet faster and safer than traditional frame systems. The sliding keder system on the top and sidewalls helps speed up installation and allows for increased tension on the fabric for better appearance and enhanced HVAC options. When your customer wants all of the benefits of a clearspan, and you want a proven frame system from the manufacturer you know and trust... ask about Eureka!'s Twin Tube Plus.

  • 30'x30' 2-piece ends - 10' and 15' mid sections
  • 40'x40' 2-piece ends - 10', 15' and 20' mid sections

  • White Blockout standard
  • Translucent available
  • Top available with "hip" ends or "gable" ends
  • Ends and Mid-sections have 11mm keder sealed along each edge and on each end of the keder is a brass keder shield to help tops slide through the channels quickly and evenly
  • Double valance design incorporates a curved, high tension interior valance with a scalloped exterior valance - this provides a clean, more sophisticated aesthetic, with the tighter weather protection from the interior valance
  • Sidewall rope permanently installed
  • All tops come with storage bags



  • 4-channel extrusion is 70% stronger than similar systems
  • Easy sizing in feet and inches, not metric
  • Overhead rafters are pinned before lifting the frame, eliminating unsecured frame components
  • For your convenience, Twin Tube Plus can be purchased as a complete "Kit" or as individual components that work with your existing inventory of tubing and fittings
  • Canopy Jacks (one per fitting, per side) is recommended for safe installation
  • Color-coded tubing system for easy identification, pick-and-pack and installation
  • Simply by adding the easy to install Wind Kit, Twin Tube Plus is wind rated to 80 mph - each Wind Kit comes complete with professionally engineered, stamped blueprints and a Structural Load Report



  • Twin Tube Plus is a patented design that is 70% stronger than regular Twin Tube and most other systems on the market today . . this market-leading strength means long clearspans, fewer uprights and plenty of confidence in the tent you've installed
  • Patented Tension Channel™ brackets allow the vinyl fabric to be drawn taut and locked into place for a smoother, tighter fitting top.
  • Just add a few parts to create an interior gable, turning you standard tent into an elegant venue with front porch and entryways

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