Twin Tube®

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Eureka!'s Twin Tube frame system is a quantum leap beyond typical frame tent systems. Distinguished by its clear, unobstructed interiors up to 40'... its meticulously machined components... and its interchangeability with standard 2" frame components, Twin Tube is an incredibly rugged, attractive and versatile system that will impress your customers — and have you singing its praises too! Twin Tube offers advantages that other frame systems just don't have, like — superior strength in our double tube design. This translates not only to a cleaner look, but also a stronger frame and fewer parts to inventory, handle and transport. Twin Tube... the intelligent frame system... it's special in every sense of the word!

  • 20'x20' 2-piece ends - 10' and 20' mid sections
  • 30'x30' 2-piece ends - 10' and 15' mid sections
  • 40'x40' 2-piece ends - 10', 15' and 20' mid sections

  • One-piece available
  • 2-piece sectional tops lace together and into mid-sections
  • White Blockout standard
  • Translucent and Colored Stripe available
  • Scalloped valance
  • Sidewall rope permanently installed
  • All tops come with storage bags



  • 2"x4" design tests up to six times stronger than standard 2" tubing
  • 2"x6" tests up to 20 times stronger
  • Twin Tube uses all standard EFS crowns and brackets
  • Adjustable baseplates make installation a breeze on uneven ground
  • For your convenience, Twin Tube can be purchased as a complete "Kit" or as individual components that work with your existing inventory of tubing and fittings
  • Canopy Jacks (one per fitting, per side) is recommended for safe installation
  • Color-coded tubing system for easy identification, pick-and-pack and installation



  • Twin Tube, which was awarded a Patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, features a design that's stronger than most systems on the market today . . . this market-leading strength means long clearpsans, fewer uprights and plenty of confidence in the tent you've installed
  • Patented Tension Channel™ brackets allow the vinyl fabric to be drawn taut and locked into place for a smoother, tighter fitting top.

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